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Terms and conditions for events at Jagdschloss Niederwald

(from now on called 'hotel')

  1. Generally the event contract will be in writing. The contract also counts as concluded as soon as the ordered rooms and/or conference facilities are confirmed or, if a confirmation was not possible anymore for lack of time, the rooms were made available.
  1. Pre-reservations or allotments of rooms and conference facilities are binding for both contract partners. The hotel reserves the right to sell rooms and conference facilities otherwise after extension of the pre-reservation deadline. 
  1. The rooms are made available to the event organizer from 2 p.m. at the latest on the day of arrival until 12 noon on the day of departure. Unless a different time of arrival was agreed upon in writing the hotel reserves the right to sell the reserved rooms otherwise after 2 p.m. 
  1. Reserved conference facilities are made available to the event organizer during the time period agreed upon. An extension of the use of these facilities is only possible after agreement by the hotel. 
  1. The hotel reserves the right to allocate rooms and conference facilities according to the number of registered participants. If for important reasons the rooms cannot made available the hotel is responsible for organizing equivalent replacement. This replacement does not have to be in the same hotel.
  1. Free cancellation of the event is possible until 4 weeks before arrival. If reserved rooms and conference facilities are not cancelled in due time the hotel has the right to charge the following cancellation fees:
  • less than 4 weeks before arrival: 80% of the room rate for the reserverd rooms.
  • - 10% of the reserved rooms can be cancelled free of charge until 24 hours before arrival.
  1. If reserved rooms and conference facilities are not claimed the hotel will try to sell them otherwise. If a resale is not possible the contract partner is responsible for paying the cancellation fees for the rooms and conference facilities according to the regulations above. 
  1. Essential for a cancellation in time is the reception of the cancellation notice by the hotel. 
  1. To ensure a proper process of the event by the hotel the organizer is asked to provide the hotel with an agenda and a list of participants in due time before the event. 
  1. Forreservations concerning the year 2011 or 2012 the hotel reserves the right to increase the rates without prior notice. The rates include the current valid V.A.T. of 7 % (accommodation) and 19% respectively. Rates are to be paid in Euros.
  1. The hotel is not liable for valuables. If valuables are deposited in the hotel safe liability is limited to the amount covered by the hotel's insurance.
  1. Bringing food and drinks into the hotel is generally not allowed. Exceptions require an explicit agreement with the hotel that also includes incurring charges. The event organizer is responsible for informing his clients of these regulations and ensuring that they are being followed. 
  1. The organizer is liable for damage to furnishings and equipment of the hotel. The instalment of decorations or other equipment is only allowed after agreement by the hotel. The hotel is not liable for the loss or damage to equipment brought into the hotel for the event by the organizer. 
  1. All decorations have to be in accordance with fire safety regulations. If in doubt the organizer is responsible for contacting the appropriate authority. Decorational material brought into the hotel by the organizer should be removed 24 hours after the end of the event at the latest. 
  1. The hotel is not liable for lost or damaged objects. 
  1. If technical or other problems occur with equipment provided by the hotel the hotel is responsible for solving the problem immediately. This does not justify a reductions of the agreed rates or refusal of payment. 
  1. The hotel will try to prevent disturbance of the peace by night through other guests as far as possible. A reduction of the agreed rate is excluded. 
  1. Invoices for services provided have to be paid by the organizer in full within 14 days of reception of the invoice. 
  1. The organizer is liable for all incurring expenses. 
  1. Errors and omissions in printing or accounting are excepted. 
  1. Amendmends and additions need to be in written form. Verbal agreements are not binding. 
  1. Place of juristication for both parties is Wiesbaden. 
  1. The invality of individual regulations of the contract or of these terms and conditions do not affect the validity of the remaining agreements.